Programs and Services!

Designed for Women and Children

Emergency Shelter

The Mission helps meet the basic needs of hurting and homeless men, women, and children in the Bay Area with food and a clean, safe place to sleep. This protection from the elements and from the hazards of street life is essential to our guests’ health and state of mind, especially for women with small children. It also gives them the opportunity to begin addressing their problems.

Recovery Programs

Men, women, and families are encouraged to find long-term relief from homelessness at the Mission through extensive, residential recovery programs. The complete recovery package is designed to remove the obstacles of chemical addiction and destructive behavior while equipping clients with the necessary resources to establish independent lives of selfsufficiency and self-determination.

Last year more than 200 men, women and children successfully completed various components of the Mission’s Recovery Programs:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction recovery
  • Job skills training and vocational classes
  • Education and GED certification with local community colleges
  • Counseling and spiritual guidance
  • Computer training
  • Biblical training
  • Life management skills
  • Family management skills
  • Job placement

Transitional Living

After graduation from the Recovery Program, Transitional Housing is made available. The Mission offers its graduates a 12-month stay in transitional housing so that they can obtain employment, accumulate funds to venture out on their own, and establish healthy life patterns under the supervision of Mission staff. This final component of recovery is essential to their long-term success. In our current facility, we can only accommodate up to 18 women with children.

Youth Outreach

Begun over 20 years ago, the Youth Outreach Program is an important key in the Mission’s proactive efforts to combat homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction by equipping youth with spiritual, academic and emotional resources needed for successful adulthood.

It is our goal to identify and address barriers our youth face such as gang-related activities, substance and physical abuse, and exposure to violent crime, by providing a safe place to support students in their academic success, physical, social and psychological development and to encourage them to set goals which will assist them in becoming positive contributors to their communities.